Behind the Writing: “My To-Do List”

One literary form from which I have taken a long abstinence is poetry. This is primarily down to wanting to pursue novels and journalism, but also because I guess I find it more difficult. For one thing, I'm not gifted at rhyming. Many could take a lesson from my cousin Sean, whose skill with rhyme is impeccable. The last time I had anything really to do with poetry outside of school was attending a two-week summer course at a stately home in Dorset, in which I produced a half-dozen-or-so poems. That collection still exists somewhere but I've no idea where.

That was back in 2004, so I've not really touched poetry for 15 years. However, there was one put together when I was in the middle of a rather bad depressive episode last year. An attempt to get a positive result from a negative mood. Shockingly, I even made it rhyme! But due to the subject matter, I just left it on my computer, waiting for the right time.

April is National Poetry Month for those not aware, and with this in mind, I think the right time has arrived. The poem -- called My To-Do List -- is available on Vocal Media's Poets section. It begins as follows:

I had to make a to-do list

For things to do this week.

Time is of the essence

Urgent, so to speak.


I must see those old uni pals

We haven’t spoke in years.

You know how adult life can go

There’s never time for beers.


I’ve always loved the theatre

Right now, it’s mostly Disney.

But the thing that’s on my list to see

Is an opera in Sydney.


Les Mis would be great as well

I know it all by heart.

And if I had the connections

I’d have bagged myself a part...


It goes on for a few more stanzas, of course. If you want to read on, click this link. Once you've read it, I'd love to know what you thought. Leave a comment, either here or on one of our social media channels - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.