Preview: Sin & Secrecy Chapter VI

The first sample of the new book went down pretty well, so how about another? Featuring a familiar name...

I love hearing from readers and fans alike. Whether that's on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. One particularly positive series of messages came to me via Twitter, praising the samples from the latest Berylford Scandal, Sin & Secrecy. Such as the one featured in the profile of our villainess Rebecca Stirkwhistle. Or, indeed, the snippet from Chapter I.

For this next preview, taken from Chapter VI of the new book, we stick with Rebecca. It also features the main anti-heroine from Lust & Liberty. Lady Vyrrington, of course. The scene in the extract below is a tense conversation between the two women. It might make more sense if you've read the first book, but I've tried to word it so that Berylford newcomers will get the gist...

Excerpt from The Berylford Scandals: Sin & Secrecy -- Chapter VI: Lady Vyrrington's Warning

Chapter VI
Chapter VI p2
Chapter 6-3
Chapter VI p4

Again, apologies for the gapping...

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